Nomination for Coalition At-Large Board Member:

Complete this form if you are a passionate motorcyle enthusiast, wish to make change in the female motorcycle community, and you represent one of the following categories: avid motorcycle rider, a member of a national riding organization seeking WCM CAB membership or you are a representative from the motorcycle industry and you wish to hear women's opinions of products and services in order to impact changes.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a paid member of the WCM at either the Individual or organizational level. WCM membership fees for individual riders is $12/year. Membership fees for national riding clubs and/or motorcycle industry representatives is at the club/organization membership level, $60 annually. All fees are due on or before the time of appointment to this board.

  • By submitting this application, please indicate which entity you will be representing.
  • The WCM CAB will focus on 4 key elements: Motorcycles & Accessories; Apparel & Safety Equipment; Motorcycle Training & Education; and Motorcycle Dealer selling and customer service. Using the option below, rank the following areas based on your interest and area of expertise from highest to lowest. The first item you select will be recorded as the highest down to the last you select as the lowest. You may select fewer than four (4).
  • If you are currently a Board Member, Paid Motorcycle Consultant or Powersports Business Employee, please tell us your current position and title.
  • Please enter all motorcycle clubs and organizations that you are an official member of. List one per entry. If none, please enter "N/A".
  • In 500 words or less, what do you feel are your qualifications for your participation in this ground-breaking work?
  • In 250 words or less, what do you personally want to achieve through your participation in this work?
  • Please upload your resume if it is relevant to your application.
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