When Viking Cycles came to Women’s Coalition of Motorcycles to review a product for them, I was incredibly excited to be offered the opportunity to be the individual to provide that review.  Viking Cycles has a long-standing reputation of providing high quality products at reasonable prices with great customer service. The trifecta of a Company that is looking out for its customers, riders. A good vest is so important to riders.  When riders are out on the road it is imperative that they not only have the protection of a high-quality vest but also be comfortable and unrestricted while wearing it.  If your uncomfortable then you can’t focus on the road.  The product I was sent to review was the Viking Cycles Natural Leather Waist Coat.

First Impressions

As soon as I opened the package I was impressed.  Normally when ordering a new vest you receive a very stiff, boxy, uncomfortable vest that will takes a few months of wearing to get broken in and be comfortable.  This product looked and felt like your favorite piece of leather right out of the package.  I couldn’t wait to try it on and go for a ride.  The leather is soft, the liner is comfortable, and the entire vest is well constructed.


The Natural leather used is high quality, the stitching is neat, even, and the seams finished neatly, the construction is well thought out not just for visual esthetics but also practical use.  The liner is ever so slightly padded and extremely comfortable.  It comes with heavy duty zippers, even the slant pockets have heavy duty zippers. Providing security for anything you put in those pockets and the peace of mind of knowing that you are not going to have to replace the zipper anytime soon.   No shortcuts were taken with this product.

Sizing, fit and comfort

This product runs very true to size, when compared directly to two other vests manufactured by two different companies, side by side, it was virtually a direct match.  When ordering you can feel confident in ordering your usual size.  This vest features sides that are adjustable via leather strings.  You can loosen the strings for a looser fit or to layer underneath for warmth.  You can tighten it down for a closer fit and still be confident that the vest will remain comfortable and not be restrictive.


It appears to be a vest that will go the distance.  I have only had the vest for a short time but it has all the signs of being a vest that will last.  From the quality of the leather to the detailed construction.  I also have confidence in the name Viking Cycles and the quality of products they sell.


From the flexibility of the laced sides to the slimming stitching down the front and back I love the simplicity and classic look of this vest.  I normally prefer to have a lot of pockets and carry everything right on me versus having to carry a purse, when I initially saw there were only two front pockets and two inner pockets I was a little concerned but on further inspection all of the pockets were extremely large and would allow for carrying everything you could possibly need.  The inner pockets have a snap closure with an elastic strap sewn in for secure storage of items such as conceal carrying a personal protection item where allowed by law.  Then the zipper front provides even more security against losing items.  The two slant pockets on the front have sturdy zippers and huge pockets to store anything you could possibly need from a small wallet to hold your important documents to business cards and even cash.


Overall, I absolutely endorse this product.  This vest hit all the important features that any woman would want in a vest.  It’s perfect for any rider, the long-distance ground pounder, around town, club hopping, even back seat riding women.  So, if you are in the market for a new riding vest I definitely recommend checking out Viking Cycles Natural Leather Waist Coat.