Surveys to be Released to Women Riders in the USA

The Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists (WCM) has embarked on a data collection project that no other powersports entity has attempted to date: we are researching the key challenges that are holding more women back from becoming and staying avid motorcycle riders. We believe that many potential inhibitors would be targets for improvement with appropriate supporting evidence. No industry analyst to date has taken on this issue and provided feedback to the industry in a brand-agnostic manner. We intend to do this and share our results with the industry in early 2021 at AIMEXPO.

The WCM Coalition At-Large Board (CAB) has been developing four (4) surveys to seek this information, and we are ready to release the first one. The surveys cover the following crucial areas:
Motorcycle Rider Training
Motorcycle Design
Motorcycle Gear and Apparel
Motorcycle Dealership Operations
WCM Executive Board Chair, DP, says, “the collection of this survey data is critical to our mission of doubling the number of female motorcycle riders. We believe that various facets of the industry could take steps to make it easier for women to learn how to ride and then become passionate riders. We want to be a part of the change we want to see!”

The first survey is available via a link on our website and will be distributed to as many female riders in the USA as possible via social media. You can also access it directly at


Those interested in learning more about this project or other WCM opportunities and becoming a supporting partner should email